Vehicle access control on critical infrastructure enterprises with NumberOk
How NumberOk Lite and FF Data Factory operate in traffic projects

How to support logistics centers with NumberOk

Logistics centers often include several buildings over large areas used for large scale operations. All entrances and exits need to be secured, while, at the same time, it should also be easy for staff and visitors to access the area. Some of the main problems are the control of a large flow of transport to the territory of the logistics center, the prevention of the formation of queues, the control of undeclared goods, etc.


With the NumberOk you get automatic access control for vehicles that can be integrated with camera surveillance for complete security.


What problems does NumberOk solve as a part of the security system?

These closed areas often deploy access control systems to detect declared goods and prevent the entry of unauthorized vehicles. In this case, safe and automatic access to the logistic center can be provided with solutions based on vehicle recognition and classification. 


Key issues that need be under control:

  • large flow of transport,
  • the prevention of the formation of queues,
  • the control of undeclared goods,
  • accounting for the amount of space for unloading per hour/day,
  • automation and accounting of transport,
  • reporting statistics on the load of logistics centers,
  • reconciliation of truck and trailer number plates, etc.

As you can see, the range of problems of ensuring access control to the territory of logistics centers and the movement of vehicles is quite wide.


How to enable NumberOk in the security system

IP-cameras at entry/exit and the key-points send video to a standard PC with a pre-installed NumberOk. The recognized license plates and vehicle type are used for service time management at the Logistic Center perimeter, for automatic access, checking against allowed/denied lists, fixing the number in accounting systems, etc. 

Moreover the system can detect a number plate in 2 points in the territory to measure average speed and alert the security manager  of speeding (fine to be issued to own truck-drivers  or to any external violator).


What useful data customers gets

At the same time, the operator of the logistics center can receive different data about cars and use them in different accounting systems, for example:

  • statistics on the project’s workload time (who, what time, how often entered/exited the center)
  • admission lists by levels,
  • alarms for violation of the correspondence between the truck and trailer number plates (September 2022),
  • counting the number of occupied places at “loading and unloading trucks” in order to avoid traffic jams; etc.

All results are displayed in convenient and user-friendly dashboards in the format of graphs and diagrams. You can analyze the data, track changes over time and assess important indicators.


We have prepared an example of how to manage and control access to logistics center via NumberOK in details.
Should you be implementing your own access control system for a Logistics Center to satisfy your customer’s needs we can support it with our NumberOK software. 


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