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Best cases and practice for Vehicle license plate number, make, model, color and type recognition for access control and traffic management from FF Group
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Dec 2022

How to create unique business logic for police and smart city projects
|December 20, 2022 Time: 11 a.m. EEST |
Nina Osypova

Jan 2023

All-in-one solution for generating and processing LPR/MMR data
|When: 17/01/2023 11.00 a.m. EEST|
Nina Osypova
Easy search and management of LPR data worldwide
|31/01/2023 11.00 a.m. EEST/4.30 p.m.|
Nina Osypova
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How to manage big traffic LPR data for police departments and safe city municipal governments

    Traffic enforcement: Red light violation monitoring by NumberOk Enterprise

      Centralized Database System NumberOk Meta

        Alerts in NumberOk with Use cases

          Traffic rules violations monitoring

            Traffic rules controlling the city

            NumberOk Access Control / Parking Configuration

              Access control and Parking management NumberOk SMB LPR + MMCR software

                Make decisions in real-time from traffic flow with NumberOk and FF Data Factory

                  NumberOk Lite is a universal sensor for FF Data Factory smart traffic data platform

                    Vehicle Classification for North America

                      Traffic rules control in the city

                        Access control and parking management

                          Traffic rules controlling the city

                            Система контроля доступа и управления парковкой

                              Access control and parking management