asked questions

Describe please the horizontal size a license plate must have in the frame, horizontal and vertical angles of its view.
Recommended horizontal size of the license plate in the frame should be at least 130 pixels. The angle for the camera line of view vertical deviation from the direction of the car travel shall not exceed 30 degrees. For the horizontal deviation - 30 degrees left or right too.
What is the maximum vehicle speed to recognize it license plate?
The recommended vehicle speed should not exceed 240 km/h (150 mph). The limitation is set only by the technical characteristics of the CCTV cameras. Using cameras with high frame rate to provide restraint for two or three sharp pictures of the every object reduce the speed as a factor. The only limitation for the vehicles speed – the license plate has to be readable on the video freeze frames.
Are there any “black” or “white” lists of license plates and alarm sending with its recognition?
The license plates recognition system has tool for combining of pre-specified vehicles license plates in arbitrary groups by the operator's choice. You can setup predetermined reactions for recognition the license plates from these groups. The supported types of reactions contain the visual, audible actions and pop-up windows placing. Using external devices, you can control the gates and/or barriers. The ability to send the specified e-mail messages when the events happen is expected in one of the soon software updates.
What is the maximum amount of “black” and “white” license plates database that does not reduce the recognition speed?
The license plates group’s size has not influence on recognition speed. Group’s amount has not limitations.
Is it possible to send e-mail messages when the recognition of certain number happens?
This function will be implemented in one of soon software upgrades.
What formats of license plates are supported?
The program surely recognizes all of the standard license plates of the CIS and Europe countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Turkey.
Will the software operate at night?
The application operability does not depend on the time of day or weather conditions. The recognition quality at night will depend on the quality of the resulting video stream. Grayscale image achieved with IR illumination does not reduce the probability of correct recognition. If the license plate is human readable in the video, the program also will recognize it.
What kinds of cameras, recorders and other sources of video data does program work with?
The program processes video data from cameras and DVRs, delivered the video stream via RTSP protocol.
Are the network clients and network operation supports?
The software supports operating in client-server configuration with remote client’s installations and its linking to a single server’s database.
What Operating Systems the program runs in?
The product can run under the family of Microsoft Windows OS XP/vista/7/8/10 OS, Windows Server 2000 and above, Windows-based virtual machines.
What types of cars license plates does NumberOk recognize? Does it recognize the custom/exclusive or non-standard plates?
It depends on the purchased NumberOk license. All the standard formats of license plates from the CIS, Europe countries, from USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Turkey are recognized. If the license plate format differs from the standard, it can be detected with an error.
Can a NumberOk recognize double-row license plates?
Yes, it can. It also recognizes black, red, yellow, blue license plates.
Are the license plates from EU countries or from America recognizes?
Depending on the purchased license, all the standard formats of license plates from the CIS, Europe countries, from USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, are recognized.
When the license plate illuminated by vehicle headlights, would it also recognize?
If the license plate recognized by the man in the frame, the program will recognize it too. The probability of correct recognition in difficult shooting conditions depends on the camera features and the correct setup of the video stream. You should choose the point of installation of cameras to minimize their illumination by headlights and direct glare from the sun.
How clearly the license plate can be detected when it is covered with transparent overlays? (for violations fixing systems disturbance).
If the receiving frame the license number is human-readable, the program will recognize it too.
Are the license plates detects and recognizes in the darkness? Does it need additional highlight?
The probability of license plate recognition in the dark and low light conditions depends on camera's spec. If the resulting picture with license plate is human readable, the program also will recognize it. Software often can confidently recognize very dark license plates even can hardly be eyes-seen. Using of external or built-in camera IR illumination dramatically increases the probability license plate correct recognition in the dark.
Does the license plates recognized on rough roads (cars moving through the potholes or the pavement)?
If the shutter speed allows the camera to get a sharp photo of license plates, not blurred by it shaking on a rough road, the program will recognize it confidently. In any case, if the resulting picture contains the human readable license plate, the program also will recognize it.
Can I hope that at the next change of license plates format (I've experienced in life for four replacement) I will receive the update at no additional cost or at a reduced rate?
Software updates, including updated license plates recognition templates, are distributed for free.
Can anti-virus or firewall software block the NumberOk operation?
During installation, you have to disable anti-virus package. In subsequent work, their simultaneous operating is possible. Moreover, to prevent conflicts of access to the file system and to the network, providing maximum computing power for the license plates recognition process, we recommend you to disable antivirus and firewall when running a NumberOk.
Does a program saves the video?
The program saves only the frames with the image of recognized license plates and frames that are associated with system events. A manufacturer company has another additional software tools for video storage.
Is a License Key (program license) disposable?
You can run only one copy of the program at the same time with one License Key. To reinstall and install the program on different computers you have to deactivate the NumberOk license before uninstalling and activate it when installing on another computer. The NumberOk license is linking to the computer’s hardware where it activated, so it needs deactivating even before the upgrading of PC hardware.
Does a program links to a License Key?
After installation, the program is linked to the hardware of the computer where it runs. Before a hardware upgrade of your PC or transferring the program to another computer, you first have to deactivate the license on the current PC and then activate it on your new PC.
Is it possible to transfer the License Key to another PC?
The license can be transferred only with pre-deactivating it on the PC where it has already been activated. Simultaneous activation of one license on several PCs is not provided.
Do a License Key links to a program or to PC?
The license is linking to the computer’s hardware during the activation process. Before transferring a license to another computer or a hardware upgrade of your current PC, you have to deactivate the license.
Do the frames with not recognized license plates saved to the storage?
Frames recognized by the software as containing license plates in the recognition zones saves regardless of their quality and the probability of correct recognition. Frames, where a program does not recognize the presence of license plates, do not save.
Does the search engine in the errors license plates present?
A program includes a search engine for the recognized characters of the license plate. Regardless of the quality and recognition probability, the plate number will go to search, when it recognized as a license plate number.
How I can update already purchased software, when it upgrade released?
To upgrade your software you have to contact to Technical support service of the product.
How many recognition channels can be set up on one computer?
Depending on the type of the purchased license, NumberOk can handle 1, 2, 4, 6, or 9 video channels. Each one allows up to four recognition areas, i.e. the maximum possible amount is 9x4=36 recognition channels.
Will a few license plates in the frame be recognized?
Yes, when their size and placement meet the requirements on the license plate size in the frame and the angles of it an observation.
Do the results of online recognition stay on the screen after program restart?
All the recognition results are immediately moved to the specified local or server database. After the program restarts its state before shutting down will not be restored, but the recognition result can be retrieved from the database.
Does NumberOk software support the motion JPEG format?
NumberOk supports only H.264 and MPEG video codecs.
Is it possible to activate demo License Key at the several PC?
Each License Key depends on its type, can be activated only at one computer. It is impossible to activate the demo License Key on several PCs. Moreover, it is possible to download the free demo License Key for each computer and test its performance under a NumberOk for 15 days.
I moved a NumberOk to another computer and its License became inactive. What should I do?
Activating of any type License Key is linked to the PC hardware, where the product installed. For moving it to another computer or for upgrading PC hardware, where the product operates, you first have to deactivate the License Key there. After then it will be able to activate the License Key at a new or upgraded PC. A simple uninstall of the product does not deactivate the License Key, it stays linked to the "old" PC.
The old computer refused. After replacing the malfunction parts/transferring to a new computer, the license became inactive. What can I do?
It is necessary to contact the product Technical support service. You are sure to help after finding out the circumstances of the incident.
All cameras positioned in accordance with the requirements. Nevertheless, the license plates are not recognized at all or it's recognizing goes with large errors. What can I do?
If the camera produces a fairly sharp image, the more likely reason is the wrong settings of a minimum and maximum number of characters in recognizing license plates. An indirect symptom of this cause - the wrong country recognition of plate numbers. These settings are configuring in the sub-tab "General" from the tab "Settings".
A program detects the license plates out of recognition zone. Why does it do so?
Most likely the reason is in the form of recognition zones, contains sharp edges. We recommend configuring the rectangular detection zones to avoid outside license plates recognition.