Business solutions, based on our products

We offer a number of unique business solutions based on NumberOK software. These solutions include not just the recognition of car number plates, make, model, color and type, but also ready-made business solutions for managing objects with embedded analytics and a mobile application for managing business processes from a number of client objects.

For most areas NumberOK offers ready-made solution templates that completely solve the client's tasks in the system of control and access control of vehicles, counting the number of machines and calculating their time on the territory of their facilities, etc. The received facts from a number of objects are processed in real time and displayed to the operator on the computer monitor in the form of events via the mobile NumberOK Reporter service.

The client receives reports in convenient format, according to the specified parameters (event, database, date of event) with geographical coordinates of the event on interactive maps.

NumberOK product solutions of are actively used to build global integration systems, in the field of traffic control, parking, in the construction of safe/smart cities, small businesses in the transport sector and others.


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