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Speed Control on Roads with NumberOk

One of the key problems in traffic control on public roads is speed violation. Therefore, almost all license plate recognition software for the traffic monitoring sector has a vehicle average speed feature. Let’s see how this feature works in the case of NumberOk software.

This technology is based on fixing the license plate at 2 points of speed control and mathematical calculations of the average speed. In the NumberOk line, this feature is built into the Enterprise version.
What is the advantage of measuring average speed while controlling traffic rules?

In the case of fixing the current speed, in 99% of incidents, drivers know about the camera installed on a specific section of the road and reduce the speed at this point. In general, such speed control does not significantly improve road safety. But measuring the average speed on a certain section of the road neutralizes such manipulation. As a result, it disciplines drivers to comply with the speed limit.



How to configure the “average speed” feature in NumberOk Enterprise:

  1.  Open the “Traffic rules” tab and select “Average speed”.
  2. Add at least 2 video cameras.
  3. Clearly indicate the measured distance between the 2 control points.
  4. Set the speed limit that is planned for the selected area.

Common mistakes should be avoided:

  1. Incorrectly measuring the distance between control zones. It is necessary to enter accurate data on the distance between cameras with the software.
  2. Establishing an average speed measurement at sections with intersections and traffic lights. Select a straight section of road to measure average speed.
  3. Incorrectly setting the camera angles for fixing the license plate. They should be no more than 30 ° vertically and horizontally.
  4. Pay attention to the size of the license plate in the frame (no less than 130 pixels and no more than 250 pixels).

You can learn how NumebrOk Enterprise measures average speed from the project implemented by Safe Roads of Belarus CJSC.If you want to include the average speed functionality in your project, write to us at