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Automatic control of trucks with trailers in logistics centers


Logistics centers must be very competitive if they want to achieve their goals in the distribution of goods and the maintenance of customer satisfaction. Managing heavy traffic on the premises and ensuring the security of the import and export of goods are vital for the successful management of Logistic Centers. In addition, all this must be done quickly, automatically, and efficiently. 



One particular problem is the need to control the correct removal of trailers that are assigned to a specific truck.

Often such violations are committed both intentionally (appropriate goods) and unintentionally (error of the operator or driver) by operators in ports,  customs points, border areas, or other areas where trucks with a trailer go through customs.

In this blog, we will look at how to decide to automate the process of entering and exiting trucks with trailers and how to verify that they correspond to entries in approved lists.

To solve this problem, a new business logic aptly named “Cargo logic” has been developed for FF Data Factory, allowing customers to control and analyze the movement of trucks with trailers using NumberOk Lite as a data source.


How it works


The NumberOk Lite detects the front license plate number and vehicle type, as well as the rear trailer number plate.

It then sends all the data to FF Data Factory, where the logistics center operator can check the license plates for compliance, and receive an alert of the truck’s “entry/exit” status; or, in case of a violation (eg., a trailer number mismatch), the operator can prohibit the entry or exit with a warning signal.

The main point is that FF Data Factory allows you to analyze the traffic of trucks with trailers from a whole network of logistics centers or border centers. That is, you can use our Data Factory business logic both for a single object and for the whole network to manage a large amount of traffic data.


What are the main advantages? 


  • Automatic recognition of vehicle number plate and type (truck) and the trailer’s number plate in NumberOk from IP cameras (2 cameras at 1 control point).
  • Comparison of truck and trailer number plate according to the allowed list in FF Data Factory and issuance of a warning signal.
  • NumberOk and FF Date Factory are installed on 1 server.
  • FF Data Factory handles large volumes of data (from 2 up to 100 cameras per server simultaneously).
  • Provides confirmation photos for the trailer’s discrepancy.
  • A comprehensive solution based on NumberOk ANPR/MMR software and the FF Date Factory smart platform is designed by 1 manufacturer.

In addition to automating the vehicle access process and preventing violations, the FF Data Factory + NumberOk Lite system also collects analytics by time interval, manages access groups, and controls traffic across the logistics center’s territory.

Find out more details about how FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite work via this link.

If you want to test our “cargo business logic” in your logistics center or other projects please send us a request.