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Vehicle access control on critical infrastructure enterprises with NumberOk

Automation and security management in controlling access to a closed perimeter worksite is one of the main issues in the daily activities of customs points, oil and gas enterprises, and other projects with increased danger to the environment and people. Software for vehicle license plate recognition and classification allows you to correctly distribute traffic flows at the perimeter and form an electronic queue to control and take into account arriving transports, and plan traffic in a closed perimeter, etc.

Let’s look at how easy NumberOk integrates into the control and security systems of business ventures and customs to provide them with all the vehicle data.


What is the advantages?

Automatic transport control allows you to quickly and efficiently:

  • provide automatic and secure access to the area by number plate, number plate and brand, or by lists and groups (client, staff, guest),
  • manage traffic flow at the entrance/exit and on the property of the facility in order to avoid queues and congestion,
  • detect direction of traffic,
  • collect and analyze traffic statistics (per hour, day, month),
  • manage the barrier.


So, what NumberOk fixes:

  • detection of vehicle number plate, make and type from cameras,
  • compares to the white list
  • manages the barrier;
  • transfers data to the accounting systems of customs points and critical infrastructure facilities.


How  NumberOk operates at customs points:

Cameras at the entrance and exit of the parking lot of the customs point transmit video to a server with a pre-installed NumberOk.

The recognized license plates are sent to the third party system such as the electronic queue system. After that, the vehicle data is checked against the reservation at the customs points, where the driver has previously entered the vehicle data (queue reservation). 

The car is then automatically queued from the parking lot to the border crossing point for passage. Thus, the user is not delayed and is not queued at the side of the road in a prohibited zone.


How  NumberOk operates on a critical project:

Several cameras are installed at the entrance and exit of Oil/Gas enterprise territory and its freight transport space. The cameras transmit video to the NumberOk SMB for license plate recognition/car classification and further data analysis with push-notifications according to the group list (customers, staff, guest), by time/date/month of vehicle arrival, allowed / banned  list to open the barrier, etc.

You can see how it works on a real project,  via the link.

If you want to include NumberOk in your project, write to us at