LPR and MMCR features in 1 license for North America

Easy-to-set up and managed NumberOk software presents vehicle make, model, color and type recognition on the North American market. Our customers can get all LPR and […]

LPR license for three countries of the North America

NumberOk offers the North American market license plate recognition in 1 license. It can easily open vertical traffic projects for integrators. You need only 1 LPR […]

Speed Control on Roads with NumberOk

One of the key problems in traffic control on public roads is speed violation. Therefore, almost all license plate recognition software for the traffic monitoring sector […]

NumberOk integration with the LINIA ACS

We have completed the NumberOk integration with the LINIA access control system (ACS), which is actively used in projects in the CIS. Now NumberOk users can […]