NumberOk integration with the LINIA ACS

We have completed the NumberOk integration with the LINIA access control system (ACS), which is actively used in projects in the CIS. Now NumberOk users can […]
Средняя скорость

NumberOk calculates the average speed

One of the key problems in traffic control on public roads is speed violation. Therefore, almost all license plate recognition software for the traffic monitoring sector […]

NumberOk integration into the 3rd party systems

Why are 3rd party integrations important for Vehicle recognition and classification software? What options for integration does this software offer? Let’s review what data/events are produced […]
FF_illustration_2_Acc_Control-03 (2)

NumberOK Double access control

Optimize parking lots and residential areas with NumberOK Double access control feature. If the vehicle number plate and make recognition match, the barrier opens. So, entry […]

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