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How NumberOk Lite and FF Data Factory operate in traffic projects

The intensity of urban traffic has been growing from year to year. But, even though it decreased in 2020 Thanks to COVID-19, in 2021 the global congestion level rose slightly. (TOMTOM TRAFFIC INDEX). This not only affects the safety of residents but also the ecological situation in cities. In such cases modern video surveillance technology and traffic data management come to the rescue. The latter tool is highly demanded in the market and will play an important role in traffic and flow management in the future.

In our new blog, we will introduce you to such a solution – a new smart platform FF Group Data Factory and how it, jointly with NumberOk Lite, allows you to effectively manage a large amount of traffic data.
How it works
Numberok Lite is a universal data sensor, to which any IP camera can be connected via RTSP stream. It recognizes all vehicle data at speed limits up to 150 mph (250 km/h) with high accuracy of over 95%. Further, the traffic data is transferred to the FF Data Factory, which allows you to work with huge amounts of traffic data for any client requests via smart search. Moreover, work can be carried out in individual client dashboards for specific tasks. FF Data Factor makes this possible due to its technical capabilities for customization and flexibility.
What is the advantage?
One of the main advantages of FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite is the ability to work on data-driven traffic projects at high speeds, especially on highways and toll booths.

In addition, NumberOk Lite provides access to any IP camera, up to 36 per 1 license. This allows it to cover large objects, neighborhoods, and even entire cities without needing high-capacity servers or incurring additional infrastructure costs.

 Clients can also connect cameras already installed on the site to the FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite solution.

FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite solution fixes:

  •  Recognizes all meta-data (license plates, 100 vehicle makes, 1000 models, 11 colors, 7 types).
  • Up to 150 mph (250 km/h), up to 4 lanes simultaneously.

  • Provides a smart search of traffic data by requested parameters.

  • Allows easy and fast customization.

  • Receives up to 300 events per second.

  • Processes data from up to 100 cameras per server simultaneously.

  • Provides confirmation photo.

Thanks to the smart platform, all traffic data is collected, stored, and analyzed in one place, where you can quickly search needed data by the specified parameters, including creating an individual dashboard for the client’s project.

How FF Data Factory with NumberOk Lite works:

  1. IP cameras are connected to NumberOk Lite up to 36 cameras per 1 license.

  2. FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite are installed via the E-key on the client’s server (police, municipality, access control systems, etc.).

  3. NumberOk Lite connects to FF Data Factory via HTTP protocol and transmits recognized traffic data to the platform.

  4. The client uses regular search strings in FF Data Factory to work with the data.

Let’s learn some examples

Case 1. NumberOk Lite and FF Data Factory can be easily integrated into the existing urban video surveillance systems in which there is no pre-installed ANPR analytics. At no extra cost, our customers receive an effective solution for generating and analyzing traffic data. Moreover, our solution allows you to store huge amounts of traffic data (up to 200 M events in the database).

Case 2. After installing NumberOk Lite and FF Data Factory in the Police system you can start to use smart search for traffic analysis. For example, get data on what kind of transport (type, brand, color, model) is moving along the city roads and highways, on how many cars are moving at control points, and at what time cars enter the city, and in what numbers. In addition, it is possible to work through a smart search with lists of offenders that are preloaded into the FF Data Factory.

Find out more details about how FF Data Factory and NumberOk Lite work.

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