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Open a barrier without a special control module


How do you open a barrier without a special control module? The parking access control system is the future: an IP camera sends video data to the server based software, whence a signal is sent to the relay module and the barrier opens. Presently, due to the new feature, NumberOk can send a signal directly to the IP camera relay and provide automatic barrier opening, which can offer savings on equipment.

What conditions allow the solution to work? The new NumberOk feature is suitable for parking places or a parking network with a low traffic flow since the response time to a signal is up to 1 second. The IP camera itself has to support the ONVIF protocol and have a built-in relay.

The FF Group team has already successfully tested a new feature on Axis, Hanwha, and Uniview IP cameras.

So welcome. Penny and penny stacked up will be many.

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