How to manage big traffic LPR data for police departments and safe city municipal governments
icon November 1st, 10:00 CTD (Record available)
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Join the FF Group webinar for Mexico integrators! Our team will provide LIVE Demo showing how FF Data Factory (the world’s first road traffic platform) analyzes and interprets vast amounts of traffic data for smart cities, police and parking projects! In just 1 second the new FF Group solution identifies vehicle data from the heaviest traffic flow and analyzes it according to your specified goals. Every security project whether it relies on one camera or on thousands gets the same guarantee of speed, accuracy, and affordability with Data Factory and NumberOk LPR sensor.
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During the webinar, FF Group experts will show how to store and allocate a large amount of traffic data relying on and how to connect cameras to get traffic stream of all vehicle parameters, and other tips (demonstrated from NumberOk interface). The main focus will be on the FF Data Factory for LIVE DEMO of cases such as managing lists of wanted cars (including the sending of alerts), calculate transit time, parking occupancy control, etc. Pay attention that FF Data Factory provides customers their individual dashboards.

Meanwhile, learn more about FF Data Factory and NumberOk sensor from the video at the link

Effectively interprets vast amounts of traffic data with universal NumberOk Lite sensor and FF Data Factory world’s first road traffic platform!


Webinar program
1. How to analyze big data
2. EDGE traffic sensor CAMMRA
3. Universal traffic sensor server -based NumberOk
4. Use case Police
5. Logistic, cargo logic
6. Parking occupancy
7. How to order individual business logic
Nina Osypova
Head of Partnership Relations, FF Group
She specializes in building relationships with clients, takes into account the client's needs on a given project, and identifies the right solution for the project.
Sergei Datko
Product Owner, NumberOk
He is well acquainted with the features of server software for partners’ projects, can include NumberOk into the client's project quickly and at the lowest cost, and is able to provide strong support.
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    About NumberOk
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    NumberOk is the easy-to-set-up Vehicle recognition and Classification software for access/parking control and traffic management systems. It provides a business analysis of vehicle data to manage executive devices or determine different traffic violations on simple or virtual PC according to customers‘ tasks.

    Innovative and analytic FF Group Data platform provides a huge amount of vehicle meta-data to individual customers’ dashboards using NumberOk Lite as a vehicle data sensor.