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NumberOk SMB MMCR (LPR and Make, Model, Color and Type recognition) designed for managing Parking Control via executive mechanisms and increasing the security of parking lots. It includes a ready-to-use parking module for vehicle detection, double control and control executive devices with reports and vehicle counting for payment systems.

The recognized car plate number is entered in the "white" list and becomes a pass to the closed parking area via alert on the reaction module. NumberOk SMB allowed vehicles by license plate and vehicle make (brand) match. Software can be easily integrated into any system (parking, payment) and provides full information on vehicle parameters.

Today NumberOk SMB has a proven record with bigger infrastructure projects due to its mature architecture.


Tasks and problematic

Automatic admission to the territory of cars that are allowed to enter.

Ensuring security by excluding the entry of those who are prohibited from entering.


Access Control by B/W listed plates

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Access Control by available parking spaces

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Double Access Control

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Online calculation time spent at the territory

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Vehicle counting in the parking lot

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Access control by pre-set allows time

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Occupancy calculation per each pre-set vehicle group

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