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NumberOk flexible logics
NumberOk recognizes all vehicles parameters in Australia and New Zealand
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NumberOk META advantages

How can you analyse all vehicle recognition and classification data from Hanwha and Axis ANPR cameras?
Just add NumberOk META as a data backend to your system. So, you get an excellent mini system for huge traffic/parking tasks: IP-camera+FF LPR/MMR App+NumberOk META databackend.
NumberOk META has 3 modes:
✅ Common database: collects and store data, provides the ability to search the database and build reports
✅ Access Control Mode: black/white vehicles lists management, automatic barriers opening
✅ Traffic Violation Control: average speed calculation.
More information about NumberOk META using:
– Hanwha cameras is on the link,
– Axis cameras is here.

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