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NumberOk Enterprise tools for the police and municipality
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NumberOk recognizes all vehicles parameters in Australia and New Zealand

The best camera agnostic LPR recognizer NumberOk has expanded its functionality in Australia and New Zealand.
Now 96 vehicles makes, 789 models, 10 colors and 6 types of recognition processing on a server with a speed up to 240km, up to 4 lanes and outstanding accuracy of more than 95%.
Traffic and access control/parking systems will be enriched with such benefits:
✅Worldwide recognition (Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa, Oceania).
✅Built-in traffic, access control and parking logics.
✅Easy to install on simple PCs.
✅No need for extra budgets on infrastructure and construction of an – expensive Data Center.
✅Support from 1 to 36 channels per server.
✅E-keys for NumberOK activation.
All you need to keep in mind about NumberOK is here

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