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Cost-effective and powerful NumberOk Enterprise for traffic rules control

Traffic flow has been increasing in much of the world, and this can lead to traffic congestion and an increase in traffic violations which can worsen the quality of urban life (road hazards, increased travel times, environmental pollution, etc.).


According to the latest WHO figures more than 1.2 million people are killed in accidents worldwide. For example, 43% of road accidents in the US occur at or near intersections. Therefore, improving the safety of intersections, controlling for speeding, and preventing accidents with wanted cars or violators are seen as top priorities for state and local governments and police.


Our company FF Group, as a worldwide leader in the EDGE (IP video camera processor) market , has in its portfolio a smart, powerful and cost-effective software solution called NumberOk with rich LPR/MMCR features, modules and flexible service tools for traffic rules control. It can support traffic, access control, and parking management projects.


Let’s look at how NumberOk Enterprise handles different traffic issues.


What is the advantage of NumberOk Enterprise in controlling traffic rules?


NumberOk helps solve traffic control problems by displaying data and statistics in a clean graphical format using NumberOk’s interface or its webclient NumberOk Reporter for distant projects. It can also send custom alerts for violations and flagged vehicles.


What NumberOk Enterprise provides to its customers:


  • NumberOk installs in a few clicks with E-key only.
  • NumberOk recognizes license plates and make, model, color, type of vehicle at speed up to 240 km/h.
  • The software operates on any IP-camera.
  • It can send automatic warnings of different types of violators.
  • Create automatic search options according to allowed/denied list or manual search by vehicle brand, color, type.
  • Supports the recognition of license plates, make, model, color and type worldwide (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania).
  • Can be integrated into any 3rd party system and VMS. Today NumberOk has integration with VMS Network Optics, Wave, Cayuga.


How to analyze transport data with the NumberOk dashboard

NumberOk is enriched with a block of dashboards displaying graphs and diagrams. This tool analyzes the data and displays it in a user-friendly format, tracks changes over time and assesses important indicators such as:

  • traffic volume over a particular period (traffic intensity),
  • statistics by vehicle number plate, make, model, color and type (analysis by category).


It can be used to estimate traffic flow by hour, day, month, and times of peak road congestion, indicating the prevalence of different types of transports in certain areas (e.g. trucks in the city center). This analysis allows effective control of traffic flow.


Soon the dashboard will be updated to work in web format to obtain statistics within a network of facilities, areas, and the whole city.


Now let’s look at some of the most popular use cases with NumberOk Enterprise in the traffic control market.


Average speed calculation
The main goal here is to decrease the accident rate.
Your system with NumberOk detects the license plate and recognition timestamp on the first and second cameras, and then calculates the average speed based on the specified (accurately measured) distance between the two cameras.


Alerts for listed vehicles
You can effectively prevent crime.
NumberOk can recognize license plates, brand, model, color, and type which allows it to detect cars from a wanted list with an alarm in real-time. It also provides useful statistics for a given selected vehicle.


Commercial vehicles control in city centers
Systems such as NumberOk protect roads and the environment.
As cameras capture passing vehicles NumberOk can highlight a group of “Commercial vehicles (Trucks)” and compare a truck’s number with a white list authorizing the transportation for city center.


Bus lane control
Cities can increase public safety with this NumberOk feature.
Our system controls traffic on dedicated public transport lanes. It compares the recognized license plate with the list of permitted vehicles (in this case, a bus) or can send out alerts by type of vehicles listed as “Not Bus”.


How to manage data from all the districts of an entire city


Our team offers a user-friendly Windows client, NumberOk Reporter, to manage car databases, monitor current situations, and receive reports on all priority alert events from a remote workstation.


NumberOK Reporter can consistently connect to several remote NumberOK databases installed in several city districts or key projects. In this way you can get a complete picture of the traffic flow and all of the statistics for the required period for further analysis and effective management decisions of the city and police.


If you need to solve traffic violation problems easily and in the most cost-effective way just choose NumberOk Enterprise for your projects.


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