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GPS receiver is integrated into NumberOk

NumberOk receiver

How can you be objective in case of traffic violations? Obtain reliable data on the violation recorded by the camera.


Therefore, our partner CJSC “Safe Roads of Belarus” has developed a software and hardware complex “RoadEye S01”, within which a GPS receiver has been integrated into NumberOK software. Now the police receive data on the recognized vehicle license plate, date, time and location.


The new complex was developed for projects on fixing various types of violations recorded without a radar method and was successfully certified in the Republic of Belarus.


How is the evidence collected? The camera transmits video data to an industrial computer with NumberOk installed as a part of the “RoadEye S01” complex, which recognizes the license plate.


The GPS receiver transmits the fixing coordinates and time of vehicle, which are superimposed on the image of the number screenshot. For the police and meteorological services, this is reliable evidence of a violation in a certain place and at a certain time. 

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