Access control and Parking management NumberOk SMB LPR + MMCR software
icon When: 07/07/2021 10:00 a.m. EST (Record available)
Sergei Datko
Product Owner, NumberOk. He is well acquainted with the features of server software for partners’ projects, can include NumberOk into the client's project quickly and at the lowest cost, and is able to provide strong support.
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    About NumberOk
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    NumberOk is the easy-to-set-up Vehicle recognition and Classification software for access/parking control and traffic management systems. It provides a business analysis of vehicle data to manage executive devices or determine different traffic violations on simple or virtual PC according to customers‘ tasks.

    Innovative and analytic FF Group Data platform provides a huge amount of vehicle meta-data to individual customers’ dashboards using NumberOk Lite as a vehicle data sensor.