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Make and model recognition features for the North America market

State highway and transportation agencies in the USA, Canada and Mexico use traffic count stations to monitor roadway usage, obtain vehicle volume, vehicle class, and its weight, etc. For example, the vehicle type allows monitors to evaluate transport flows and operate them according to the allowed/denied list on separate sections of roads or urban areas.

In recent years, a lot of innovative technologies and solutions are bringing intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) closer to manageability and reality. 

Vehicle make and model recognition (VMMR) is of great interest in these applications, owing to heightened security concerns in ITSs such as automatic vehicle surveillance, traffic management, driver assistance systems, traffic behavior analysis, and traffic monitoring, etc. 

Let’s learn the particularities of all vehicle parameters recognized with NumberOk in the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

How NumberOk’s VMMR features work

  1. Accuracy is achieved from 92% to 95% according to camera placement and outside conditions.
  2. Recognition of more than 800 models, 96 makes (brands), 7 types and 11 colors.
  3. NumberOk recognizes vehicles front and rear.
  4. FF Group datasets for USA update regularly by vehicle make, model, type and color
  5. FF Group R&D’s experience and their own mathematical development allows us to achieve stated accuracy indicators in a short period thanks to our own developed “fast approach”. 
  6. In NumberOk it is possible to create reactions (push-notifications) on the recognition of the specific vehicle make, model, type and color.

Now let’s examine some cases in which VMMR features are often necessary for a client to make a decision.

Case 1. Select a vehicle according to MMR parameters in the traffic stream using the “stolen car” marker.

If the police don’t know the number plate of the stolen car, but only the color or make, then NumberOk gives a signal to the police according to the requested car parameter. Push-notification can be sent by email directly to the police operator.

Case 2. Double control by vehicle make and number plate

Double vehicle control by its make and license plate allows you to increase the security of entry to adjacent territories, which is important for sprawling American areas, or in the territory of strategic facilities.

Case 3. Vehicle rear and front views

In accordance with the features of the recognition system in the United States,NumberOk equally, qualitatively and accurately recognizes the vehicle rear and front views. This allows monitors to ensure fast and automatic vehicle access to the territory or to detect vehicles in a heavy traffic flow.

Case 4. Truck transit

NumberOk detects and alerts city system operators about truck transit through small towns (important for rural America) or about transport from other states. If potential violators, according to the police lists, enter the city, NumberOk will respond to an emergency situation.

What problems does NumberOk MMR features solve for the USA market?

  • monitoring and control of heavy flow of transport traffic,
  • the prevention of the formation of queues,
  • accounting for the amount of space for unloading per hour/day,
  • reporting statistics on the load of roads, parking lots, etc.

All vehicle results are displayed in convenient dashboards with graphs and diagrams (data analysis, time changes and assessments of key indicators).

Find out more about NumberOk VMMR features for USA via the link.

If you implement a traffic or access control system in the USA to satisfy your customer’s needs we can support it with NumberOk software. 

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