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TraFFic CaMMRa and NumberOK Meta combination for effective perimeter control


Where can you collect data from ANPR cameras and analyze them according to the objectives of the facility (parking, street and a separate area of the city) without extra budgets for infrastructure and construction of an expensive Data Center? 

A combination of TraFFic CaMMRa, based on Axis cameras (collects ANPR data) and NumberOK Meta (business logic backend) can solve all these issues.

What is the advantage of this combination? NumberOK Meta can be installed on an inexpensive server (computer costing up to $ 500) that will receive data from ANPR cameras. All the complex resource-intensive video analytics functions are performed on the camera. So it’s enough for 1 NumberOK Meta to provide business analysis from up to 64 ANPR cameras on a simple PC from objects up to the size of an entire city district. 

Business cases that the TraFFic CaMMRa and NumberOK Meta combination can solve:

– comparison of lists of vehicle groups (wanted, stolen, deadbeat, etc.) with a common database for solving different tasks such as fixing the intruder,

– issuance of alerts to intruder vehicles, 

– search for suspicious vehicles matching the license plate of its make and model, 

– calculation of the vehicle average speed in areas for speed control.

You can definitely implement such software combination into your projects or create your own profitable combinations for projects with FF Group support. Just order a demo for tests.

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