Double Access Control with NumberOk

NumberOk Double Access Control Software for parking spaces

The double access control NumberOK software will better help parking spaces streamline their work, and make their work more organized and efficient

Double Access Control includes exceptional:

  • parking control and automation
  • advanced alarm monitoring and management
  • event management

Get immediate real-time alerts to open barriers if two conditions coincide:

  • the license plate is present in the database
  • the recognized vehicle’ make corresponds to this license plate

The main problem to solve: Recognition of vehicle’s make excludes entry of suspicious cars since the number can be falsified, but the vehicle cannot be changed


NumberOk SMB software is installed at entry/exit for vehicle control at the parking spaces. The system detects a number plate in 2 points in the territory according to vehicle parameters such as number plate, make and model are whitelisted as safe. Then it determines whether these parameters coincide with those specified in the white list in order to prevent the entry or exit of a defaulter or violator FF 111


You will need:

  • IP-camera producing RTSP-stream (we recommend using 2MP camera at least), for example Axis or Hanwha camera
  • Server (PC) as specified in the Hardware Requirements*
  • NumberOk SMB software according to the number of channels (cameras) you want to control with ANPR
  • I/O modules for barrier management (please refer to Supported Devices List)

What you should expect:

  • Automated access control according to white list
  • Reports are available ‘per period’
  • Prevent banned / non-authorised vehicle entry to parking areas
  • Double protection of perimeter via all vehicle parameters
  • Data analysis and Access Control Management to the territory

Customise Your Needs

We have vast experience in LPR product creation. If you have an idea and want to discuss your customized product please contact:

+420 608 884 183


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