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The main task of NumberOk software at the parking is to count the amount of cars have been entered the area and calculate their parking time.

NumberOk software can automate the entrance to parking for the vehicles with paid parking service. They are added to the white list and the barrier opens automatically before them. Clients not have to wait when security staff found their plate number in the list of passage owners, they pass the checkpoint comfortable.

Parking owner receive the automatic everyday report about cars at the parking amount and their parking time. This two parameters helps to assess the volume of day revenue.

The result of NumberOk installation at the parking areas – the rise of parking profitability and client’s loyalty.


Tasks and problematic

Collecting and storing the objective information about number of occupied parking places and parking time of cars in the parking area.

Solution and logic of functioning

Counting of all cars at the parking area, adding them to the database and automate calculating the parking time of every car.

This data allows calculating the overall amount of provided parking hours, quickly assess the taken profit.


System structure

NumberOk 2 software /two channels/ 1 psc
PC /intel i7/ 1 psc
IP Cameras 4 psc

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