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Apartment building territory

Did you know the situation: the whole parking area near your house is occupied by others cars, and you can’t found the parking place for your own car?

NumberOk software provides the access control to the parking area for this type objects. Installed system allows the passage to parking only for cars from the ‘white’ list, formed from license plates numbers of occupants or clients. They always have the opportunity to park their vehicles near their house, not somewhere.

The hotel or motel owner can limits the entry of cars from ‘white’ list entry by date or by payment fact. When the client’s lease term expired or late payment, the parking will be closed to him.


Tasks and problematic

Providing the priority and access limitation to the parking places to occupants and clients of the building/hotel, entry limitation for others cars.

Exclusion of purchase the parking access pass cards/keys/keychains.

Solution and logic of functioning

The system controls the executive units, automatically admits to the territory only allowed cars from its database.

The license plate number serves as the access pass. There is no need to purchase access keychains or cards. The system do not need the maintenance/reprogramming and pass service.


System structure

NumberOk 2 software /two channels 1 psc
BARBOS control module 1 psc
PC /intel i5/ 1 psc
IP Cameras 2 psc

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