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With the help of NumberOk LPR system you can easy automate the cars access to the secured area. You do not need to write down any access passes – the vehicle’s license plate number will serve in this role. The advantages of this kind of pass are clear: you do not have to ‘carry’ it, do not have to show it to security staff or to put it to security system reader, you can’t lose it or give it to a third person.


Tasks and problematic

Automatic giving the access permission to allowed cars, restriction of access to denied cars.

Solution and logic of functioning

NumberOk controls the executive units, automatically allows access to vehicles from database with permitted license plates only.

Defines the vehicle entrance and exit facts, recognizes its license plate number. Saves the screenshot of the event, its date and time.


System structure

NumberOk 2 software /two channels/ 1 psc
BARBOS control module 1 psc
PC /intel i5/ 1 psc
IP Cameras 2 psc

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