Double control of close perimeter with NumberOK
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FF Group complete solution for traffic monitoring and access control tasks
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NumberOK is integrated with MOBOTIX cameras


NumberOK can receive a video stream for vehicle number plate recognition from MOBOTIX AG cameras. And that’s because of integrating the MxPEG video codec into our software.

The protocol has high video quality with a small video stream size. This allows it to be transmitted via low-speed communication channels with a delay in the transmission of less than 150 ms.

What are the customer’s benefits:
1. NumberOK is integrated with MOBOTIX’s high-end cameras.

2. The recognition quality of vehicle number plates, make and model with their subsequent analysis are high due to the high-quality video stream transmission.

3. There is no need to build expensive infrastructure for a recognition system based on the NumberOK software and Mobotix cameras.
Discover new opportunities with NumberOK.

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