Traffic monitoring from different city points via a single police control panel

Since now you can measure the average speed with our multi-channel server based solution NumberOK META. The police has the opportunity of simultaneous traffic monitoring and […]

Warning Message for our partners and custormers

Dear partners! In case you receive any incorrect data presentation during NumberOK software installation, or any message about the software recognized as a virus, please do […]
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Lilin IP cameras and NumberOK provide the European market with quality access control systems

LILIN, a global end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider and FF Group, a Front Edge ANPR market leader have launched a joint project to create access […]
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Average speed measurement is one of the effective speed limit’s monitoring on the roads

Average speed measurement is a part of speed limit’s monitoring on the roads and a standard European practice. The main thing is that in the traffic […]

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