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Lilin IP cameras and NumberOK provide the European market with quality access control systems

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LILIN, a global end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider and FF Group, a Front Edge ANPR market leader have launched a joint project to create access control systems based on Lilin IP cameras and NumberOK vehicle recognition software. Such synergies will provide the European market with quality access control systems from small facilities (parking, car wash, checkpoint) to complex traffic control systems in cities and towns. The first projects are planned to be launched in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Portugal.

In addition to high quality vehicle plate recognition (95% accuracy at speeds up to 240 km / h) in 51 European countries, NumberOK boasts a solid set of ANPR-based analytics for checkpoints and car parks, as well as traffic monitoring in towns and cities. NumberOK helps to acquire ANPR data from up to 4 lanes through one Lilin IP camera.

It also can be integrated with third-party software and supports executive devices for Vehicle Access Control. NumberOK is easily installed on a low-power Windows-based PC and has got an intuitive thus sophisticated interface allowing fine-tuning of ANPR-based reports and reactions.

Efficient thus reasonable pricing for high-quality Lilin IP cameras and NumberOK software create a competitive edge for the solution and good commercial ground for the customers.

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