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Lilin IP cameras and NumberOK provide the European market with quality access control systems
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Average speed measurement is one of the effective speed limit’s monitoring on the roads

Средняя скорость

Average speed measurement is a part of speed limit’s monitoring on the roads and a standard European practice. The main thing is that in the traffic rules of the country mention such limitation as a basis for fines issuing and drivers disciplining. A number of global software development companies offer LPR solutions with a module for average speed measurement.

How it works and why cameras with the software for vehicle plates recognition are so popular in Europe we will tell on the example of our NumberOK software.

NumberOK records the time of car’s entry and exit to the site where the speed limit is set. The distance between two points (or two cameras) is known. With the help of easy mathematical calculus, the software provides an immediate real-time report on the car’s average speed to the operator of the police. If the average speed is exceeded, a fine will be issued.

Till now we have expanded the capabilities of our software. Data from the camera, server or mobile device on which the LPR software is installed is transferred to the cloud analytics Limbio Primm. Police and municipal authorities can currently support the speed regime control throughout the city, record deviations from the established traffic limitations and also identify how each situation was caused.

Please watch our video describing average speed module at work.


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