A case of how to manage and control access to the logistics center
TraFFic CaMMRa and NumberOK Meta combination for effective perimeter control
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Control the parking online with Email Notification


Parking operators will now be able to expeditiously take decisions on critical situations with Email Notification.

FF Group has added an additional feature to NumberOK upon request from the parking market.

Due to Email Notification, operators of closed perimeters (such as parking) will receive a message in the mail about a violation of the established rules (configured reaction).

For example, as soon as a blacklisted car tries to enter a closed perimeter, NumberOK sends a message to the operator for taking a quick fix. At the same time, NumberOK generates content-based reports on customized reactions for analyzing perimeter control by period (day, week, month).

A little extra: Special templates for Czech Electric Vehicle Numbers added in NumberOK.

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